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Sabrina Amado - Amadoodle -  is an uruguayan artist specializing in murals & digital illustrations based in Montreal. Her artistic name is the union between her last name “Amado” and “Doodle” since she loves to create doodles and that's how she started to create art again in 2017. She is an art lover with a Bachelor of Commerce with a double major in Marketing and Management from Concordia University in Montreal. Her goal is to spread joy and positivity in every country she travels to! Over the years she has worked with Concordia University, Tacos Frida Restaurant, Fab City Montreal, English Land Institute, The Latin American Student Organization from Concordia University, XP-MTL, YES MTL, and more clients. Her murals are located in Canada and Uruguay.


Amadoodle's style is a mix of flowers, mandalas and golden detail touches, aiming to change the energy in the atmosphere. She uses flowers because their language is known worldwide, making her able to connect her art with all people, regardless of their generation or origin. By bringing nature into places, Amadoodle wants to transform the concrete jungle. Lover of mandalas and zentangle style, she fuses them with floral and golden details to reduce stress and bring positive feelings and attract positive energy.


Her goal is to continue to make the places bloom with her art, all around the world.

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