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So you want to have a mural from Amadoodle?

Here are the main things to know of how the process of getting a mural from Amadoodle is. 


The first thing to know is that each mural is unique! This implies that it requires a lot of research & planning, allowing me to get a design that will match the clients’ needs and my artistic vision & mission. Before painting starts, there is a lot of hard work involved. For example, Story, Space, Client, Budget, Spectators, Impact, Feedback and Sharing explained in detail below.

  • STORY: the design stage is where the vision is born. I like to take into consideration the client’s ideas and elements that could represent the design. Then I explore the colour palette and let the creativity begin for the mural process. Here is where the magic starts happening. 


  • SPACE: I take into consideration the wall surface, texture, and the surroundings, like the atmosphere vibe. Can I use brushes? Or will it be better to use sprays? Will it be a commercial, residential, ruelle verte/community mural? 


  • CLIENT:  Will the client be satisfied with this mural? Will they be proud of this mural ? Will they recommend other people to get a mural from Amadoodle? To make the mural as professional as possible, I have a contract that I will present to the client when we have a verbal agreement. The contract is to ensure protection for both parties. 


  • BUDGET: I don’t charge per time nor per square, I charge my talent. There is a design fee for the digital sketches in addition to the painting fees. The cost will depend on the complexity of the design, the wall’s coverage and the expenses. The budget is negotiable, and I always take into consideration the budget range of my clients. If the client has a budget limit, I can try to make a design less complex, and we can work on the most convenient budget for both parties.


  • SPECTATORS: In this stage, I try to think as I’m the person walking and seeing the mural for the first time... How will the public interact with the mural? Does the mural invite people to take a picture of it? Does the colour palette positively inspire people?

  • IMPACT: How will the mural impact the community? I always try to make my murals as happy as possible because that’s something in my vision and core values of Amadoodle. To let the spectators feel happiness, joy and want to connect for a few seconds or minutes with my artwork. 


  • FEEDBACK: Ask the client how they felt about the experience and services of getting a mural from Amadoodle. Get constructive critics to grow and get a better artist. Always learning and improving is the key to success. 

  • SHARING: With my art, I want to share cheerful emotions while telling a story. Moreover, I find it highly important to share the creative process by photography and videos on my social media platforms. 


I’m looking forward to creating something unique for you, your business, your neighbourhood and keeping enlightening places around the world! 




Sabrina Amado