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Interactive Dog Mural (for summer 2020)

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Some people have significant others. I have dogs.

I'm a crazy dog lady, I do believe that dogs make me a better person, and I truly love them.

Whenever I see a dog on the street I can't resist to pet them. Funny story: once I wanted to pet a puppy so badly that I did not realize that I was following this person for more than 6 blocks.

My cellphone is always running out of space because I have too many dog pictures, it's not just of my dogs but also from the dogs that I take care, or dogs that I see on the streets, also on the dog park. I have more dog selfies with my dogs than with my friends. #lolz

I post to many pictures of dogs in my personal Instagram account and in my dog sitter account #noragrets they are soooo cute! (Just go to the bottom of this post...)

Another #crazydoglady fact will be that we celebrate dog b-days, and let me tell you that they are so worth it. Just look to this fluffy ball face #havingaheartattackofcuteness

I like dogs more than people - I'm completely obsessed with them - and that's why I decided to create this interactive dog mural.

The story of this mural:

is long and has so many "negative" things that happened in the process of creating it but at the same time, I learned many things while creating it. One of them is to never forget to use a primer otherwise you will have to paint a base min of three times.

My idea was to showcase this interactive dog mural in a dog festival in Montreal but it first got postponed and then cancelled last minute... Later I wanted to showcase it in different locations of Montreal but due to my university I was unable to find the time to do it and then the snow started and since the material is wood I didn't want it to get destroyed.

As soon as the snow disappears, we are going to be showcasing it in different locations of Montreal and different dog parks.

This mural design changed around 30 times while I was painting it. The main idea was that it's two designs in one- one at daylight and the other at night light. Since I forgot to put the primer... I had issues with the glow in the dark paint, which I first thought was the issue of the first brand I used but then I tried 4 different brands and it barely shines. I'm hoping with the sunlight will shine more.

And next year I'm going to add the pictures of the Montreal dogs having fun with this mural but for the moment enjoy all the cuties I pet during the last years in Montreal:

Big love,


If you are here reading, please send me dog pictures <3

*If you want to laugh, check my Instagram video of the process of this mural.


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