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Pop-up Exhibition- YesMtl

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Holaa! Saturday’s exhibition was so much fun! Thank you to my dad, my family supporting from far, my friends and all the cool people that I had the chance to talk!!

Fun moment: a lady that came when she spotted my designs told me: You are the artist from old port!!”- paste ups - jajaja and we had a nice conversation about those art pieces!

Big thank you to all the dog parents that took a picture with their dog and let me pet them! 🐶

Thank you to @yesmontreal for organizing this art exhibition and making this event happened despite covid-19.

I feel very blessed to have this opportunity in such uncertain times, thank youu! ❤️

*I removed quickly the mask for the pic but if you check to the right you can see my cute floral mask! Wearing the mask for more than 5 hours was quite hard. Hopefully, this will end soon!

Set up:

Interactive Dog Mural:

Event Information:

Hola! It is my pleasure to invite you as a guest to attend the What the Pop! 2020 exhibition on September 5 2020 at Riverside!

What The Pop: St-Henri // RIVERSIDE: 5020 St-Ambroise // Saturday September 5, 12:00PM-5:00PM

Organized by YES, What the Pop! is a launching pad for over 50 emerging artists from all across the province of Quebec. The exhibition series will span over 2 days with 3 free events featuring: Performing Arts / Installation / Painting / Writing / Illustration / Photography / Music / Ceramics / Jewellery / Clothing / Multimedia and more.

This event is free and open to the public. Note that social distancing will be respected. There will be hand sanitizer sections and masks will be mandatory. Additionally, my stand will have an area to disinfect your hands before and after touching any of my art products to ensure the safety of everyone.

About payment options, I will be accepting cash but ideally all transactions would be made via pay pal, I will have all the information on my stand and you can ask me the same day if you have any questions!

I will be exhibiting my art prints, original artworks, my first line of t-shirts, and something that I’m extremely excited about: an Interactive Dog Mural! So, don’t forget to BRING YOUR DOG!

I look forward to seeing your dog there and of course you! I would greatly appreciate it if you could RSVP by confirming to this fb event!


Amadoodle Sabrina Amado


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