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Zentangle Tropical Murals

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

These set of 3 doors are my first garage door murals in Montreal!

The lovely owners of the garage doors liked different things about my previous artworks:

-heart design

-patterns (abstract & hot air balloon mural)

-doodle plant (laso door)

-roses & leaves


-tropical vibes theme

I'm extremely happy about how my first garage door murals turned out, and because my dad -assistant- ended up helping me! Now I feel I'm ready to start painting my zentangle animal's illustrations as murals!

Thank you Julie & her family, and their neighbours for giving me this opportunity! Thank you to everyone that passed by the alley while I was painting and told me nice comments! I learned new french expressions!

Merci beaucoup et j'espère peindre plus de peintures murales bientôt!!!! 💙


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